Build your fences quicker, easier, stronger & longer lasting with Davo’s Fencing Clip.

Proudly designed and manufactured in rural Victoria, using Australian made wire, now you too can build your fence quicker, easier, stronger and longer lasting than using traditional methods.

Our Story

Near Casterton in Victoria’s Western District, Rod Davidson’s family have been farming for more than 90 years.  The farm is now run by Rod’s wife Nicole, while Rod concentrates his talents on Steel Fabrication.  Davidson Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd provides repairs, build to order and design services to clients across western Victoria.

In 2017 Nicole and teenage son Jimmy were building a new fence.  After a day of hammering in staples, they came in and exclaimed, “There has to be an easier way! Why can’t we screw something in with a TEK screw?”

Rod listened, and within an hour, Davo’s Fencing Clip TM was born.

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