We have hundreds of happy customers, here's what they have to say

Hey Davo, here’s some pictures of the clips I used on the fence. They work well and look very neat… The product speaks for itself. Thanks for a great product! Bruce QLD

I have recently purchased a box of these clips and they are the best thing EVER. Easy to use and quick. Anna QLD

Accept no substitute! Alasdair Vic

Brilliant clips! Strong too – they held up some reinforcement mesh we wanted to attach to a shed door. Sue NSW

Good product for rural fencing. Clint QLD

Thank’s Davo. Best invention since sliced bread. Sylvie SA

We are loving our new clips. Carol VIC

I received my order. Thank you. These clips are the best thing since sliced bread. Love them . Bron QLD

Congratulations. I’ve been using Davo’s clips for a few years now and find them fantastic and versatile. Great Aussie success story. Peter VIC

Well done. Great gear. Love the clips, makes fencing a breeze. Cheers. Jason NSW

I love Davos fencing clips. Makes life easier on the farm. Maxine VIC

Best invention ever for those like me who struggles with the ‘other’ way…!! Lyn SA

Great product well done!! Di VIC

Woops! Just ran out of clips… Can you send another lot please? Paul VIC

Love them. I have run a heap of fencing using Davo’s fencing clip. So quick and easy to use! Can’t recommend them enough. Stephen VIC

I think I bought more than 250 boxes. Each box has 500 in it. That is 125,000. I think I will buy another 1000 plus boxes or more for orchard use next year. Great job boys. Joe VIC

It’s a pleasure to do business with real people like you, rather than the big corporations! Foster SA

You guys were a pleasure to deal with. My order came through really quickly. Thanks! Renee NSW

This is every farmer’s dream. They actually simplified fencing. Rachel from Canada

I got my first box the other day and I’m putting them where staples have come out and split the post. I’m very impressed. David VIC

I used the clips doing a new fence line using Duncan Equines Horsecote wire and Woodshield posts. A little tight as (the wire is) quite thick but worked well. Lisa QLD

Installed them for use as a hinge today…very handy. Azza VIC

Best solution for pipe posts too. They neaten stuff up and they are super simple. They now have a place on the fencing items stock shelf. Martin QLD

Such an amazing invention. We love it. Our 10 yr old son helps with the fencing, it is that easy. Michelle VIC

Amazing product. Time and effort saver. Trev VIC

Just got done with our 3200 feet of fence using these clips. Just over 5 hours with two guys! Love them.Ric USA

A great Aussie made product. Good quality steel and good quality screws as well. Definitely beats swinging on a hammer all day. Especially with hardwood posts. Brad VIC

Everybody likes them. I haven’t seen any sign of rust yet and they are standing up to the kangaroos. Thanks. Kevin VIC

Hi Nicole, I have received clips. Did some fencing on the weekend. Would never go back to staples! Thanks. Alan QLD

My wife had seen my frustrations with the other fencing method… She purchased Davo’s clips and I’m sooo happy and impressed with the ease of these clips. You got my business. Peter TAS

They had different screws offered when I purchased my first sample bag as I have very solid 50 year old Jarrah posts on my horse stud. Love love love these clips and onto my second big box now. Btw can even do one handed when you have a broken arm so perfect for me as I’m accident prone. Will never get anything else now. Catie SA

Bought these and are excellent. Ross QLD

Trialling a few Davo,s fencing clips boosting up some older fences…seem to work very well…pretty economical too… Ian VIC

These clips are awesome! Michael QLD

My fencing crew are happy customers using clips and tek screws. Des SA

Just finished tonight what we were working on. My arm is fresh, not aching, or sore and the tennis elbow is fine! I injured my elbow last year hammering staples into hardwood posts… this injury has hounded me for 12 months all from bloody staples!! Helen VIC

I just wanted to let you know I love your clips. I have rebuilt my fence and they worked fantastic. Jono QLD

We have started to use your clips and all I can say is that they are brilliant, even the box they come in is so well thought out. In just five minutes you have won us over as a customer, I hope you make a million out of them. I am so impressed. They have made a job so simple. John VIC

I will never use a staple again, I love the clip. Timothy USA

I’m a first time user of your clips and love them. They solve my problems with anchor posts in a fencing line where the staples eventually work out. Tony WA

Your fencing clips are amazing! Natalie SA

Just brilliant! Fencing has never been so easy Ami QLD

I have my ‘davo fencing clips’ in the mail coming my way. Looking forward to using them. Love to buy Australian made. Stew WA

Ordered the pack yesterday evening. In the mail this morning and should arrive in time to start our new fence. Nicole was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend them. Peter SA

Definitely the solution to the pain of staples. Karen VIC

Literally the best invention ever! You have no idea how amazing they make life! I’m looking at ways to use them around the house! I show them to my friends and we spend hours raving about how good they are!!!! So many uses. Sapphire VIC

Your fencing clips are literally the best thing since sliced bread and bottled milk guys, no joke. I don’t have a big property but what property I have is secured nicely with Davo’s Fencing Clips. Very easy to install and definitely hastle free. That’s what you want these days !!! Keep up the amazing work. Jordan WA

No more smashed fingers trying to use staples! Aussie ingenuity at its best! John NSW

Once in a while you see a new product and say! Wow! What a great product. This is one of those. Congrats guys/gals. You have done well. Rod QLD



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