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Davo’s Reel Clip

$27.50$106.00 Incl. GST

Introducing Davo’s Reel Clip. The same as Davo’s Fencing Clip, but big enough to fit over most common porcelain cotton reel style insulators.

All our Davo’s Reel Clips come with screws of your choice.  Porcelain Reel Insulators are available from your local Rural Store.  If you can’t find something to meet your needs, give us a call.

Pack Size Screws Included
30 Yes
75 Yes
150 Yes
Additional Information
What pack size would you like?

30, 75, 150

What screws would you like?

35mm Timber (for very hardwood), 50mm Timber (for medium hardwood and pine), 65mm Timber (for very soft, cracked or rotting timber), 35mm Steel (for less than 3mm thick steel), 50mm Series 500 Steel (for more than 3mm)